Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's ALL about "GREATNESS"! America's Beauty Show Chicago

We have just returned from the beautiful city of Chicago where we spent three fabulous days at America's Beauty Show!

America's Beauty show, formerly known as the Midwest Beauty show has come quite a long way in my eyes since I first attended back in 1999. Hairstylist from all around the world were there to discover something GREAT! They seemed more driven than ever before to find the highest quality products, tools, and education.

I believe hairdressers are an amazing breed of individuals. Last month I blogged about how amazed I was to see a sold out hair show in a time of financial crisis! I think hairdressers just know the 'jig is up'! They/we know that today if you want to achieve GREAT results in your business, you have to give GREAT service and to provide great service you need to top it off with GREAT products and GREAT tools! It's a spiral effect if you will. The beauty industry is not scared to do thier part in saving the economy!

Strangley enough I sat next to a financial specialist for a major bank chain on my flight to Chicago. He was saying that there were some major decisions being made on qualifications for who could get loans these days, etc.. and I told him my opionion.. I said, "if you want to know the truth the people to 'put your money on' are those in the beauty business"! "There has never been a better time for hairdressers to build there business, or even start a new one! People today may not be running out to buy a new car but they will spend to make themselves feel good for the moment with a great haircut, color, products, or spa service.. We know where its at!" He said he'd keep that in mind for his next team meeting ;).

Millions of thanks and appreciation to a GREAT Surface team (Brandi Weber, Patty Pumfrey, & Shaina Ritthailer) , the show attendees, and Marshalls Salon Services for helping us achieve another great show!

If we met you at our Surface Booth, WELCOME TO SURFACE! We hope to see you at a future event!

Together we can and we will leave this world a better place than we found it, one hair show at a time :) Keep striving for "GREATNESS"..


Becca Grund

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